B.Tech. - Computer Science & Engineering.


Ruby on Rails

Startups / Long term projects:


Automated Local marketing, Website creation, Review generation, CRM, Local directories, Brand alerts.

DabaDoc.com - Health startup

Helping patients to search good doctors, clinics in thier areas and make appointment to visit. It's working in 6+ countries in different languages.


I was the lead developer for RoR team. I worked on creating rest apis for iphone and android, admin panel, job section, search.


This is for searching and listening songs (without refreshing the page), making the play list and then purchasing the play list. User can listen songs without opening the pop-up, and without refreshing the page Ajax is used for it. This project is also developed for android and iphone client. For these clients we have also developed web services for login, accessing XML of play list and songs. We have stored songs, album art and lyrics at amazon s3.It also has admin section from that data can be imported from CSV files, User management and Meta data management.

Roles & responsibilities: Rest based apis for iphone and android, haml templating, Uploading songs on amazon s3 using attachment_fu, Import export csv, Submission of data in admin section.

Other projects:

ILoveYou Tool

Worked on Devise, user management, data import, logic implementation for tool.

GEO location based

Implemented flickr api to fetch geo located photos and get their exif info, meta data, latitude, longitude, login/signup with devise. Fetch venues from foursquare.


Associations between models, devise ajax login, New relic, admin panel.


Online marketing, Membership management, bootstrap, stripe membership payment gateway.


This is insurance project. It has banners on other site(Google, Yahoo...), text ads on google. This project is based on fatefree crm. This project include reporting(Ruport) and charts for Analysis that are generated with google charts. It includes Campaign, Leads, Advisor, Agencies.

Roles & responsibilities: Reporting section including google charts, Mailer system, Landing pages, validation using Formtastic and validatious-on-rails, Campaign system, RSS generation, test cases in RSpec, issue fixing, data populator.


Key features - jQuery calender, calculation in calender for tasks, devise implementation, different types of logins – facebook, twitter, google, linkedin, highrise, salesforce. Leads apis are integrated for salesforce and highrise, bootstrap.


It provides facility to share the ideas and experience of users for making their fitness by blogging. Blogging is with the help of wordpressmu and having many customizations that can be done by user. User can change their theme and can also change the settings.

Roles & responsibilities: Integration of themes, Modification in wordpress plugins, fixing issues.


People can post a project for requirement and service provider can give their services to the buyer. People can ask question and can give answer across the project. This project has major modules like account, Create and manage business, Work (Job), Question Answer, Claim a business, comments, search business using solr plugin, newsletters, validations, Web 2.0 apis for gmail, yahoo, hotmail, aol, facebook, myspace, flickr, youtube, outlook express. Admin Section: Data import using CSV, Report generation for the business.

Roles & responsibilities: Question/Answer section, Address validation using geokit, Flag as inappropriate, Flag as helpful, Job section, fixing HTML issues related to div tags and css, Importing yahoo, gmail contacts, Facebook connect, Import export csv, reporting section.


This is Pharmaceutical site which has medicines with 3 level categories. And has special offers, featured products, discount on products, Worldpay payment gateway, and admin panel for managing site(Categories, Products, Special offers, Import and export of product data with XML).

Roles & responsibilities: Worked independently on it including interaction with client, all the functionality is given by me except HTML design.


This project sells Hypnosis files (mp3 files) by Google checkout payment gateway. After payment user receive mail from where user can download their hypnosis. It has admin panel from which administrator can manage the site (Category, Hypnosis files, images on home page, users etc).

Roles & responsibilities: Worked independently on it including interaction with client, all the functionality is given by me except HTML design.


This is dating site having around 1.5 lack users. It provides video chat, events, messaging, networking between users, searching users, match criterion, banner management, and forum. It has banner management using open source. For forum it’s using V-Bulletin.

Roles & responsibilities: Improving performance of project, Integrate new functionalities, improve code, maintenance, Integrate new HTML.


This site is for U.S. government organized hospital association (Massachusetts Hospital Association). Hospital can be registered by admin. Admin give userid and password to hospital. Then hospital can submit data for position in different section. This site has good security due to having confidential data of various hospitals. Admin can generate report for different sections.11 reports are generated every year.

Roles & responsibilities: Worked independently on it including interaction with client, database design, all the functionality is given by me except HTML design.


Every Visitor can download movie from the site without payment. But when user play movie in windows media player 9.0 or upper version, it will go to license acquisition page if either user has not paid for that movie or his rental period has finished. The owners of movie can see their sales and rental details through login. There is different rates for Indian and foreign users. Payment gateway (ABCPayments.com) is also in site. Admin section is also there for managing site.

Roles & responsibilities: Worked independently on it including interaction with client, database design, all the functionality is given by me except HTML design.

Thaidreamvillas - offline

It's Thailand property site. Agents can be added. Agents can add their property in any region or any city and various features of their different type of property like Suite, Land, Condo, House, and Bar/Clubs/karaoke. Visitors can create their account, can add property in their account and edit their list whenever they want.

Roles & responsibilities: Admin section, database updation, search property, property details.

99centapartments - offline

In this project any client of site owner can advertise for selling, renting of Apartment, Building, House. Visitor of site can see various type of combinations of flats and their structure. This site can have maximum 20 banners on 4 places of home page by which client can earn money and these banners can be changed by client.

Roles & responsibilities: Admin section – User Management, Property management, banner management, database updation, search property, property details.